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“It always starts with safety; prepare and prevent; never take it for granted.”

Our primary focus is to provide the appropriate training for your organization or individual needs. SC Training Services LLC is a small owner operated training service offering a wide range of trainings. If you are a small to mid-sized company, organization or an individual; we provide a more enjoyable and personalized training experience. We are competitively priced. All certification training is taught to the specific criteria and training protocol put forth by the specific organizations.

About Sue

She has been an instructor for over 20 years. Her experience ranges widely, which has encompassed OSHA, Environmental Health and Safety trainings. As far as OSHA and Environmental, she has provided training such as Hazard Communication, Machine Guarding, Accident / Incident reporting and awareness, Lockout / Tagout to name a few. She also enjoys being an American Red Cross Certified Instructor in a number of categories which range from Babysitting, Basic Life Support, Bloodborne Pathogens and First Aid / CPR / AED. Since she has a large variety of interests, she has further pursued her passion by becoming a Certified Range Safety Officer and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. She has found over the years that the passion for instruction has only increased and encouraged her to continue to grow, however she maintains a safety minded focus.

I took your pistol class a few years ago and found it was a great experience. You handled the class very professionally at the same time making everyone comfortable being sure everyone understood all aspects of the class. I would highly recommend any of your classes and wish you the very best.

Linda S. February 25, 2018

Sue is an amazing instructor, she makes classes fun, and knowledgeable at the same time! I learned a lot in the few classes I’ve taken with Sue.

Shannon O. February 25, 2018

Thank you for teaching the Basic Pistol Shooting Course at the MSI in Manchester, CT. I learned so much about the importance of pistol and gun safety. As a woman and someone who had never shot any type of firearm, this class is very educational and the experience in the shooting range was definitely a great experience. Sue Cook is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and very helpful no matter what your skill level is. I highly recommend taking this class.

Kimberly S. February 25, 2018

I have taken First Aid, CPR, and BBP training with Sue many times in the past. I typically hire her every year for a group of 5 or 6 tattoo artists seeking certification in one of the aforementioned areas. She is very knowledgeable, personable and fun as a trainer. It's a difficult subject to keep everyone focused but, Sue always makes the experience a pleasant one.

Kevin S. February 25, 2018

I took Sue Cook's CPR, AED, First aid class. This was my first time taking this kind of class. I found the class very informative. Sue is very knowledgeable and very easy to relate to. I left the class confident I could handle an emergency, if needed.

Laura S. February 26, 2018

Sue and Alan, who was doing his first class as an instructor) were fantastic. They were thorough, allowed us to ask plenty of questions and made sure we all understood each topic before moving onto the next one. I would highly recommend Sue’s class for anybody looking to get their pistol permit.

Kevin E. February 26, 2018

I just completed the Blended Basics of Pistol Shooting class with Sue. You can't help but learn a lot from Sue. She doesn't skip any details and drives home emphasis where needed. Her class is well organized and flows seamlessly making the time fly. I feel much better prepared to move forward with my licensing pursuits. Thanks so much, Sue! Keep shooting safe and straight!

Kevin D. March 13, 2018

When I signed up for The Basics of Pistol Shooting course, Sue Cook came well recommended as an instructor, and after finishing the course I highly agree with that recommendation. Sue proved to be very professional and experienced. Her presentation was very informative and contained in-depth knowledge resulting in myself learning extensively about the various types of pistols, how they function, and the safe use practices required in the handling of all firearms.

Robert H. March 23, 2018

I wanted to say that your class was more than I expected. I was not only taught about firearms safety. I Left wanting to learn more about the shooting sports as well. For that I want to Thank You

Montrose C. March 27, 2018

Sue offered a full day of instruction regarding pistol safety and orientation with emphasis on safety.  If asked by family and friends I would recommend SC training service.

Luther C. March 28, 2018

First of all thank you for being so nice in answering all of my questions during training. You made the training enjoyable and me relaxed. I was not very comfortable around "real" guns before and now that has changed. I have a new level of respect for guns and what they can do and the training has helped me be more careful, confident and be not ignorant about them. I will be encouraging my wife to take the same course with you as I think it is important to be able to protect our family and be safe doing it.

Nathan N. April 25, 2018

When I was searching for a NRA instructor, Sue called me and had a very good conversation, which made me feel comfortable. The other instructors I talked to where very harsh. During class she is very patient and makes sure you understand everything. Sue is the best.

Rocky B. April 25, 2018

Sue is a great instructor and my wife and i took her class .. was spot on thank u..

Bryn O. April 29, 2018

I had a great experience with the pistol course.
Instructors were great. Answered questions, took time to fully explain. Didn't rush through anything .most of all made sure we were comfortable.
Thank you very much Sue and Allen

Angel R. May 15, 2018

I had such a good experience taking your class! I learned so much more than I was expecting and I feel much more confident now! Me and my dad will definitely be coming back for some more range time and will be recommending you to all of my friends!

Josh P. June 9, 2018

I happened to retake the CT pistol permit course yesterday (yes, I forgot about the renewal and let my original permit expire). I had never been inside the Manchester range before. That place is pretty nice. Be aware that since 2017, the course has gotten a whole lot more rigorous, both in the written portion and the shooting portion. But instructor Sue Cook did a very nice job drilling safety and shooting technique into us while keeping it very enjoyable. (In my case trying valiantly to eliminate a couple of my bad habits.) Highly recommended if at all interested.

Richard T. June 12, 2018

I took my pistol permit class with Sue and she was absolutely incredible! Her class was very thorough, which made passing the test at the end a breeze. The laid back atmosphere was very conducive to learning, and Sue was happy to answer all of our questions as we went along. She keeps class size small, and has the patience of a saint. If you are considering getting your pistol permit, absolutely pull the trigger (see what I did there?!) and take it with Sue!

Julia S. August 4, 2018

Sue, thank you very much for a great class. Although I have been shooting for 50+ years, your thoroughness showed me a few bad habits. Watch those thumbs!!!
I appreciate your efforts and enjoyed the quick pace of the class. It was a long day but seemed like it flew by.

Mark I. August 21, 2018

Thank you for an enjoyable and informative pistol training session. I appreciated your thoroughness and added humor to make the classroom session informative and fun. On the pistol range you were always in control and your attention to safety was exemplary. The added time to get enough practice to feel confident was particularly valuable.

Carol M. September 5, 2018

Thank you Sue! Had fun and got a lot of great tips to improve my shooting.

Mark H. September 5, 2018

When my wife and I enrolled for a NRA pistol permit training course with Sue Cook we didn't know what to expect. Sue turned out be very personable in a small classroom setting. She taught the class in a casual but firm manner when explaining all the facets of various handguns and their safe handling. She constantly stressed the importance of safety as being the most important of all the training. When we didn't understand any facet of the training , Sue took the time explain and didn't just gloss over our questions. When we were ready for  the live fire training Sue made sure we were ready. Sue had multiple handguns to choose from and allowed us to live fire any one we chose. Sue allowed us to shoot as long as we wanted until we felt comfortable in the handling and firing of the various handguns. Safety was constantly stressed even as we were loading and firing. As we were tiring after a long day of training in the classroom and on the range Sue offered to come back at a date and time of our choosing. I accepted her offer and came back another day and easily qualified under Sue's tutelage. Sue is and outstanding instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for training for a Conn. pistol permit.

Stefan C. November 16, 2018

I took a class with Sue Cook in December 2018, she did an awesome job. After the class I feel much more informed on gun safety, laws, and most importantly I feel much more comfortable handling a firearm. Sue is a professional and fun to be around all at the same time. I left the class positive I chose the right instructor.

Samantha W. December 16, 2018

We learned a lot about safety, proper handling technique and the responsibilities of gun ownership. Your knowledge regarding pistols is quite impressive. The class was fast paced and full of information, there was never a dull moment. You were very patient when it came time to handle the guns for the first time. Jeff and I both appreciated the one-on-one instruction we received and we both totally enjoyed our time on the range. You were patient and friendly, which made the entire experience one we will not soon forget. We look forward to meeting with you again, very soon, for our next lessons.

Jill W. December 27, 2018

I completed a basics of pistol shooting class with Sue. She was very through and safety oriented the entire program. I was impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail. This was my first introduction to firearms and Sue took time to ensure that I was familiar and comfortable holding and operating a variety of pistols before we proceeded to the live fire portion of class. I would encourage anyone that is considering obtaining a pistol permit to sit through the class with Sue. You will leave with your questions answered and feeling comfortable and confident.

Bryan G. January 2, 2019

I took Sue's NRA Pistol Training class, and it was a great experience. I was admittedly nervous going into the course, but Sue is a great teacher and took the time to make sure I felt comfortable at every step. I'm excited to continue practicing my pistol skills, and I know that if I need any tips, Sue will be a great resource for me.

Hillary S. January 24, 2019

"Sue Cook is the instructor you want if you have any hesitation about taking the pistol training course.  She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient and goes through the process step by step at whatever pace works for you.  Safety is a high priority and she calmly corrects as many times as needed until safety behaviors become automatic....without making you feel inadequate.   She was extremely generous with her time and even booked extra time as needed.  She was also very generous in allowing students to try her personal firearms to find one that was most comfortable for each.  You don't have to know a single thing when you walk in the door but you will be well informed and very comfortable handling a fire arm on the way out the door.  I recommend her without reservation!"

Sue S. January 24, 2019

We would like to thank Sue for great training focusing on safety first and providing all the details we needed to lead to some great hands on and shooting. My wife and I took Sue's training as refresher training as we hadn't been shooting in a few years and it was just what we needed. Thanks Sue, great job and we will be in touch.

Steve D. April 17, 2019

Thank you so much for the great, fun experience. Your basic pistol class truly covered the fundamentals of handgun safety by starting with the essential concepts in the classroom and moving on to hands on safe pistol handling before we ever entered the range with live ammunition. I felt safe and appreciated that you were very quick to stop and correct anyone who looked like they might make an error. Your class also maintained a friendly, welcoming environment to anyone regardless of gender, age, or color. Also, prior to taking this class with you, I took another pistol safety class 10 years ago but moved out of state and lost my certificate. Your class was a much more enjoyable and effective training experience.

Mark H. May 28, 2019

Attending your class was the best choice I have made. I enjoyed the training and the lecture was easy to follow.

Every topic was covered and I feel more comfortable about firearms and I am glad I got proper training how to operate, use and clean the pistol.

I will highly recommend you for training.

Besim M. May 28, 2019

Highly recommend!!! Sue is knowledgeable, hands on, and extremely thorough. She always made sure that you understood the material and is eager to answer questions. You can tell that she really enjoys teaching, which makes the class very enjoyable. She was also big on safety which I appreciated. I was anxious about taking this course after hearing from others that they had struggled to pass, and felt overwhelmed by the quantity of information. Also I've talked to those who have taken the class but still felt extremely unprepared to burden the responsibility of operating a pistol.. But under Sue’s instruction, I not only passed the course but truly felt like I walked away with the necessary knowledge and the confidence that I knew I was lacking. I will most definitely be recommending her class to family and friends.

Megan H. July 21, 2019

I look my pistol permit class with Sue. She is thorough, diligent, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She also took any time for questions and concerns. As one would expect with an NRA course, she stressed safety at all times but was also so patient. I would definitely recommend her class and would take other classes with her!

Leslie M. August 25, 2019

Before taking the pistol course with Sue I knew nothing about pistols other than what I’ve seen or heard about them but never had any knowledge on them. After taking the pistol course with Sue I’ve learned so much. I was a little nervous at first but Sue made it so comfortable. She covers everything from the basics to the actual handling of the pistol as well. I’ve been looking for instructors to go to and it was just too many to choose from but I’m so glad I picked Sue!!!! So for anyone reading this testimonial look no further, Sue is the one to go to. Especially if your new to pistols and want to learn Sue covers everything!! I went into the class knowing nothing and came out very knowledgeable thanks to Sue!!!! Thank You Sue!!!!!!

Reggie G. September 4, 2019

Sue’s instruction was extremely beneficial and informative. She made sure all aspects of gun safety were covered before and during the use of the firearm. She has a very professional demeanor but makes the class fun and relaxed as well. I would highly recommend anyone considering their pistol permit to work with Sue as an instructor. Thanks Sue!

Evan F. September 7, 2019

Completed my pistol class, as a brush up to my first class taken with another company a few years ago that I never moved forward on to obtain my permit. This class was by far more in depth, thorough and hands on which resulted in a more rewarding and impactful experience. From the classroom to the range and in between, everything was thought out and personal. Sue, the owner and instructor, provided a well rounded class covering everything in detail for those there who never touched a pistol all the way up to those that had range experience. Anyone who needs or knows someone who needs to take this class a first time, or to brush up their skills should not be going anywhere else.

Michael K. December 1, 2019

I found the class to be very informative and you did a very nice job presenting the materials and I appreciated the emphasis on safety.

Mark C. December 1, 2019

This NRA pistol course was outstanding. Sue Cook did a great job presenting a lot of material throughout the course of the day (no shortcuts here). Everyone in the class seemed to come away with a stronger sense of confidence and understanding of pistol safety and technique.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone interest in pursuing their pistol permit.

Jeff G. January 13, 2020

Great class! My wife and I felt welcomed. The class was set up and ready to go. We received very clear teaching. We were given personal attention, and a lot of time on the shooting range. I later found out from friends and coworkers, that the shooting time we were provided was more than normal. That actually was great, because it provided experience and we felt well prepared and confident using firearms. I will recommend all to join Sue's class. - Joe 2/20/21

February 27, 2021

Thank you so much for setting up a class for me and my friends. It was great working with you to get everyone trained in firearm safety. You were extremely thorough, yet the time flew by! I highly recommend this class, and specifically SC Training Services, to anyone looking for their NRA certification!

Eric F. June 12, 2021

I took my pistol class with Sue and had a great experience. By far the best instructor out there. She is a very smart lady and makes the class enjoyable. The classroom portion is straight to the point and learned a lot from it. The range section was even more enjoyable, she made us feel safe and comfortable shooting, and helped one on one if needed. Overall best class and would recommend to anyone searching for a class!!

Shannon O. June 12, 2021

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